Equip your restaurant or cafe with our dynamic reservation and order system.


Let Your Customers Place Orders Online

Present an interactive menu that allows your customers to add menu items to their order from any device. You can update your menu interface remotely to reflect new pricing, specials, and availability of dishes. Customers can check delivery costs by inputting their distance from your location. As soon as a patron checks out online, you will be notified in one of three ways.


  1. Listen to a voice notification directly on your phone that reads the order aloud. This hands-free method allows you to begin preparing the order in seconds.
  2. Receive a notification via your fax machine as soon as a customer submits an order.
  3. When a customer checks out on your website, their order is sent immediately to your email


Engage With Your Customers Via SMS

Send your patrons updates, promotions, and discount codes to the place they check the most – their cell phones. When your loyalty reward members text in, they can also receive promotional rewards to use on dine-in and pick-up orders.


Manage Your Reservation System

Allow your customers to schedule reservations directly on your website. Choose how far in advance they can reserve and set limits for the size of parties. To keep track of real-time and historical reservation trends, pull up graphical data on your reservation dashboard, and never worry about over-booking your dining room.


Use A Rich Dashboard To Track Your Growth

Want to see reservation and order data in real-time? Our LetsEatOut dashboard allows you to display information based on the time frame that you choose. Track revenue, collect customer data, and manage comments and questions from your eatery’s website and social media pages all in one place. We’ll display statistical data both in writing and in easy-to-understand graphs. With LetsEatOut, it’s never been simpler to use your historical data to make informed decisions.


Maintain Security of Your Restaurant Location With A Monitoring System

Integrate LetsEatOut with your CCTV camera or webcam to monitor your restaurant location in real-time. With this feature, you can store and reference past monitoring footage. Ensure security for your patrons and employees by integrating your monitoring system with LetsEatOut.